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And so it begins…

Welcome to my wild and crazy mind blog!

I was browsing Pinterest not too long ago when I came across the quote “Don’t just exist, live!” It really put a lot of things in perspective for me. I realized that I was just coasting through life, not really living it!

I decided I was going to start exploring the fun side of life. Take more adventures. Start living. So this will be a place for me to chronicle the “beautiful pages of my life.”

I’m Nerina by the way, a 33 year old teacher, baker, wife, and mom of an amazing 2 year old boy named Gavin. He is the absolute joy of my life and I love being his mom. He is full of life, full of sass, and full of wild crazy ideas!

So c’mon! Join me! Let’s start having fun and living life to the fullest!



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