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A Little More About Me

Hello there!

Before I start blogging about all of my favorite makeup and lifestyle topics, I figured I would tell you a bit more about myself.

I’m Nerina, a 30-something semi-recent single mom who works full time as a Middle School English Teacher as well. I love my co-workers, my job, and most of all, my students. Every single day is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Being a teacher has taught me so much about passion, and kindness, and empathy. It has taught me the ability to push someone to reach their highest potential. It has taught me that some days, its not about the learning, but about the love and compassion that these kids sometimes go without.

Teaching has made me a better person. My students have made me a better person. I am forever changed for having been blessed to be a teacher.


I am also a mom to a vibrant, amazing, creative, rambunctious little boy named Gavin (who is growing up wayyy too fast for my liking). He is the light of my life and the kindest person I know. He will always offer to share, he will always kiss my owwie’s away, and will lay his head on my shoulder and tell me he loves me about 30 times a day.

He is a ray of sunshine! Full of sass and humor, and is always telling jokes!

I am also blessed to have a good relationship with his dad that makes parenting easy and stress free.


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I am also a baker. I love baking and decorating cookies. For a while there, I thought this would make an amazing career for me. I love it and luckily, I am really good at it.

After the divorce, juggling a full time job and being a single mom really took its toll on me and I have not been able to take orders since.

Nonetheless, here are some pictures of some of the cookies I made.

baby    fullsizerender

fullsizerender-1    summer

I also love all things make-up, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and home decorating. I seriously cannot wait to share with you all of my favorite things!

Until Next Time,


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Change is Coming


What is it about a fresh and brand New Year that inspires change and the desire to start blogging again?

Well this time, I not only plan to keep up the blogging, I also plan to take this journey in a whole new direction.

2016 changed me. Gone is the weak person who cries at the drop of a hat. Gone is the person who thinks she cannot do something that is remotely challenging. Gone is the mom who blames herself or feels guilt when things are not perfect.

I am stronger, and wiser, and more resilient than ever!

So… Before we move on to what will be an amazing 2017, let’s do a quick recap of 2016:

In March, my mom got uterine cancer. As you can imagine, it was a nightmare and an emotional rollercoaster realizing BOTH your parents have this horrible disease. Luckily it was caught very early on and surgery got rid of it completely.

My divorce was finalized in June. Let me tell you, this was the most liberating, scary, strengthening experience of my life. The struggles and the insane joys of single mom life will be one of the focuses of this new and improved blog!


In July, I traveled to London! Wow! What a beautiful city! I fell in love instantly and I am actually hoping to one day be able to move there.

In September, my dad went into remission! Having both parents go through the cancer battle is an inexplicable experience. Thankfully they are both okay and doing well.

Lets talk about Gavin.. the sunshine in my life.. that boy is AMAZING! He is getting smarter and funnier every single day. He has such a great little personality and really brings me so much joy! I look forward to sharing more about him here.


This leads us to 2017!!! A brand new year, a chance to start fresh, and an opportunity to take this blog in a direction that shows who I truly am and to celebrate the people and things I enjoy the most.

So stick around and stay tuned!

Also, I added my blog to Bloglovin’! Come and follow me there!

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Hope everyone had an amazing 2016 and an even better 2017!